Mini Mirror Features

All of the cutting-edge tech + innovative features you love about Selfie Mirror... in a lighter package! If you're looking for a completely digital photo booth experience that can entertain guests of all ages, you can't go wrong with bringing Mini Mirror to the party. Perfect for events of all shapes + sizes, from wedding receptions to corporate gatherings and more.

Completely Digital

It is truly the age of digital and Mini Mirror has taken center stage. This unique photo booth requires absolutely no printers (instant-print photos for guests to take home can be added for an additional fee). Guests are invited to take selfies directly through their reflection in the Mirror... but the fun doesn't stop there! Take a classic photo or create your own hilarious GIF, video or boomerang that can be sent straight to your phone for instant upload to social media.

Small But Mighty

Looking for something a little more scaled down than the full-length Selfie Mirror? Needing minimal space for set-up as it comes sans props table or backdrop, Mini Mirror is a little more compact than its larger counterpart... but really only in size. It still has the same innovative technology and customizable capabilities that you love about Selfie Mirror. You can even wrap the Mini Mirror with your own corporate branding! The possibilities for this photo booth is limitless!

Instant Photo Sharing

Love your snap? Don’t keep it to yourself. Share it INSTANTLY thanks to Mini Mirror's built-in email and text sharing features. Send your snaps soaring straight from mirror to smartphone to the web, making it super easy to post your customized photo to Facebook or Instagram right away.

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