A New Kind of Photo Booth Experience

Want to provide an UNFORGETTABLE experience for guests at your next event? The Selfie Mirror adds a unique flair to weddings, launch parties, fundraisers, corporate lunches, birthday parties… you name it! We’ve reimagined the traditional “photo booth” to create an innovative, FULL-LENGTH, touch-screen Selfie Mirror. Give your friends and family a way to celebrate the moment by capturing their own fabulous selfies.

Selfie Mirror is Available in Springfield MO (and surrounding areas) - Book Today!

Interactive Experience

The Selfie Mirror takes your guests beyond the traditional “photo booth” experience. While we’ve still incorporated all the classic photo booth elements people love, we’ve also fused them with state-of-the-art technology. The journey begins with instant VIP treatment. Waltz down our red carpet, paved with stanchions. Our interactive smart mirror tech lets guests capture selfies directly through their reflection. With social games and built-in sharing features, the Selfie Mirror is for everyone – from Baby Joe to Auntie Joan! Guests can snap away until they get the perfect image, enjoying an open-air design with space for up to 12 partiers. Your enthusiastic host, included in every package, will keep the energy high (and the pressure low). It’s a no-brainer!

Your Personalized Event

We put the power in your hands. Choose from a range of quality backdrops, or design your own. We’ll work with you to shape the perfect design, with multiple print sizes available. We’ll also throw in stellar props, while allowing your guests to customize their snaps to their heart’s content through state-of-the-art touch-screen technology. Paint. Filter. Stamp. Sign. The possibilities are truly endless!

Instant, Quality Keepsakes for You

With the Selfie Mirror, your guests will head home with fun memories to treasure forever. We include UNLIMITED, professional-quality DSLR images in every package. Get both instant prints AND digital copies to share on social. Premium packages include Instant Texting features AND a memory scrapbook!

Honestly, it’s easy as 1, 2, 3, 4!

1. Touch the screen.
2. Strike a pose. Our hidden camera will get to work!
3. Customize your snap with handwritten notes, emojis, and symbols. The possibilities are limitless!
4. Enjoy! Post and share the fun memories you’ve made!

Selfie mirror Springfield

Selfie mirror Springfield is the new version of a photo booth and is by far the center of any event or party. If you are wanting to make your event fun, interactive, memorable, and filled with activities then the Selfie Mirror should be at the top of your list!

The photo booth has played a major role in events and parties across America and has provided many people with the evidence of unforgettable memories. We all remember that prom photo, the 4th of July block party, or any other event that had a rented photo booth; this is because we captured a memory. Selfie mirrors are designed to work in the same way, but better!

Now, you can forget about renting the traditional photo booth for your event and embrace the new age selfie mirror that is designed to perform better than any photo booth to create a fun and interactive photo sessions for your guests.

Photo booth rental in Springfield, MO has become a thing of the past. In fact, the only photo booth you can rent is a selfie mirror.

What is Selfie Mirror

A Selfie Mirror is a full-length state of the art improved version of the photo booth. It is a means of capturing a memory with friends, family, colleagues or classmates in a millennial way. This is because, unlike the traditional photo booth, where you got to sit and pause, Selfie Mirrors include the use of emoji’s, emoticons, texts and words in your photo.

The selfie mirror comes in three amazing packages to choose from. There are the gold, platinum, and silver packages; all being amazing packages that are great for any event.

Magic Mirror Demand

This magic mirror is becoming a high demand attraction in all events across America, especially weddings. This interactive touch-screen mirror takes full-length pictures and can allow you to take a single or  multiple photos at once.

There are several reasons why you will want to have a Selfie Mirror in your event. These include:

  • Sizing: Compared to photo booths, selfie mirrors are not bulky, which makes transportation
  • They are fun!: This mirror has animations and sounds pre-loaded in making its use entertaining to your crowd.
  • A painting feature that allows your audience to create their own art on their selfie.
  • No one is left behind: Up to 12 people can take a picture at once. All you need to do is position yourselves well and pose for the perfect group selfie. You no longer have to worry about squeezing yourself in a tiny booth so that all of you can appear in a single shot.
  • They come with various accessories and props that include: funny sunglasses, cheeky signs, quality novelties, and All of these add humor and character to the pictures you are taking.
  • They can be custom made to suit your event theme. This is done on request, prior notice, at an extra fee, giving your guests the chance to take unique and themed photos that will give your guests photos that will give them life long
  • Unlike photo booths, the selfie mirror allows you to take a photo print of any size and option to post the pictures to any social media site instantly.
  • Pictures, once customized, can get printed in no more than 10 seconds.
  • The Selfie Mirror provides the host with all digital copies of the photos taken in their event. You can be sure that you will not miss out on anything with this m
  • You can have full-length photos.
  • It has a high impressive picture quality.

How it works

This huge and glamorous mirror captures photos using a reflective screen commonly known as a mirror. The touch-screen also allows you to customize the pictures with the screen paint pad.

The selfie mirror captures head to toe images depending on how close or how far you stand from the screen. They are preloaded with animations and sounds that can be used to guide the user through the menu leaving the animations to add extra fun to your pictures.

Whether you want single or multiple pictures, you can set the printer to print exactly what you want!

Make sure that you or your guests look directly into the lens in order to capture every feature perfectly. The facial detection software installed in the mirror gives you a choice of applying digital props to your photos.

Taking a picture with a selfie mirror is as simple as press, pose, smile, personalize and print. This fashion-forward way of taking a photo combines the old school photo booth and the millennial selfie craze to create an unforgettable experience in any event.

Do not worry even if are no photo booth rentals available in your area, the Selfie Mirror is here for you.

Selfie Mirror Springfield have not only come up with a way of adding fun and activity to your event but they will also deliver, set up, and manage the Mirror, giving the host time to spend with their guests.

Do not book a traditional photo booth anymore, call Selfie Mirror Springfield today to book a mirror for your event. This is a decision that you will not regret.

We not only offer you a way to capture the memories of your event, but also an entertainment and bonding station for your guests. With the selfie mirror, you can be sure that no one will leave your party or event with a sad face. This is a great way to put a smile on everyone’s face, so book your selfie mirror today and make your event a life-long memory!